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Jan 29, 2013 7:00am PST
. >>> and speaking of polls, who should play hillary clinton in a movie about her life? okay, there's a new cbs/"vanity fair" poll. 6% said kirsten dunst, she's only 30. 7% chose helen mirren, she's british, 8%, susan sarandon, who's known for being political, and jumping up to 18%, people chose glen close, but a whopping 40% chose meryl streep. they snapped this self-portrait at the kennedy center benefit back in december. >>> the president congratulated the nba champions, the miami heat at the white house yesterday, including lebron james. >> a few of them were here a couple years ago, for a pickup game on my birthday. now, i'm not trying to take all the credit, coach, but i think that it's clear that going up against me prepared them to take on kevin duran and russell westbrook. >> and if you read only one thing this morning, maybe you did it as a kid, but as an adult, would you pay to eat dirt? one high-end restaurant has a $110 menu devoted to dirt, described as, quote, volcanic ashes mixed with soil and plant as that good bacteria, healthy minerals, and is natural and pure. read all about
Feb 1, 2013 7:00am PST
-a-size. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton will say goodbye to state department employees in a public farewell this afternoon. after logging nearly 1 million miles and visiting 112 countries in the past four years, this is, of course, intense speculation about what her future holds. senator john kerry meantime will be officially sworn in as the new secretary of state by supreme court justice elena takingen. joining me now, friends of hillary, here in the studio, msnbc political analyst and columnist for the hill, karen finney. good morning. >> good morning. >> and even before stepping down, there is a new hillary clinton super pac that launched for 2016. and there's a headline from today's "washington post" that asks, what is clinton's legacy at stake and her future? so after a rest which she said she wants, huge poll numbers, donors waiting to get on board. what tongdo you think the chanc are hillary clinton will seriously consider running for president again? >> i don't think we have any idea of that question until hillary does what she has said she will do. and hillary, in my experience, do
Feb 5, 2013 7:00am PST
. feels like membership. >>> the politics now, where hillary clinton launched a new website, pretty bare bones. just a picture and a place to click if you want to contact her, but it has only contacted the rampant 2016 speculation. add tagg romney's name to the list of republicans who aren't running for senate in massachusetts. kerry healey and bill weld also both said no. texas governor rick perry is running radio ads in california to try to bring business into his state. >> building a business is tough. but i hear building a business in california is next to impossible. this is texas governor rick perry and i have a message for california businesses. come check out texas. >> and speaking of business, is taking advantage of this white house photo of president obama shooting skeet. they have completed an action figure, complete with a clay pigeons t-shirt. it is online for $19.95. and in case you missed new jersey governor chris christie on letterman last night. >> i've made jokes about you, not just one or two, not just ongoing, he
Feb 4, 2013 7:00am PST
ed koch. former president bill clinton will be among the speakers along with current new york city mayor michael bloomberg and the israeli counsel general. nypd helicopters are expected to fly over the synagogue. koch died last week at the age of 88 from heart failure. >>> vice president joe biden continues his european trip. he's in paris today meeting with the french president. but true to his style, over the weekend he made a joke about what he was really visiting or why he was really visiting. >> i have traveled over 640,000 miles since i've been vice president and most of the time, the president sends me to places that he doesn't want to go. >> yeah, he said that. we know the president and first lady hosted a personal super bowl party yesterday. the president tweeting this picture with the caption "game day." the first lady giving love to beyonce, saying watching the super bowl with family and friends. beyonce was phenomenal is what everybody is saying. i'm so proud of her is what was tweeted. >>> still ahead, baltimore was not the only big winner last night. >>> plus, which o
Jan 31, 2013 7:00am PST
of this administration and former secretaries gate, secretary panetta and secretary clinton to strengthen our alliances and partnerships around the world. i will also look forward to working with my former senate colleague, your colleague, and our friend, john kerry, in this pursuit. as i told the president, i am committed to his positions on all issues of national security specifically decisions that the department of defense is in the process of implementing now. this includes the defense strategic guidance the president outlined in january 2012. allow me to very briefly address a few of those specific issues now. first, we have a plan to place -- a plan in place to transition out of afghanistan. continue bringing our troops home and end the war, which has been the longest war, as we all know, in america's history. as you also know, discussions are ongoing about what the u.s. presence in afghanistan will look like after 2014. the president has made clear, and i agree, that there should be only two functions for u.s. troops that remain in afghanistan after 2014, counterterrorism, particularly to targe
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)